June 28, 2010

the skinny on fats

Fat is an incredibly important part of a balanced eating plan, yet it gets a totally bad rep.

About 1/3 of your total calories should come from fat calories. But don't dip a spoon into your butter container quite yet- this does not mean that 1/3 of what you eat should be fat! Fats are incredibly energy-rich, providing more calories per serving amount than carbohydrates or proteins. So, a relatively small amount can meet your needs.
Fats help us to feel full longer after a meal. The body's ability to easily store fats was very important for the survival of our ancestors, which may be a reason why we are so drawn to eat them. Thank you fat cells, for being so opportunistic and stowing away in new, mysterious places at any chance.
The type of fats you eat is what's important. Next post: choose the right fats!

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