September 16, 2010

grilling season coming to an end...

As grilling season comes to an end, it seems timely to share the most exciting thing I've learned about grilling this summer.  Our friends Chris and Paola know a gentleman from Argentina who taught them how to cook an egg in the most amazing way I've heard of!  For someone (like me) who is a big fan of eggs - and grilling - this is a perfect combination. 

Bell peppers (red, yellow, orange, or green will do) one per person
Eggs one per person

Preheat your grill by turning on burners (or getting charcoal hot) and covering with the lid. 

Meanwhile, cut away the top of the pepper(s) by creating a large circle around the stem.  Remove the stem and any remaining seeds from the pepper(s). 

Crack one egg directly inside each pepper, just as you would put an egg in a pan for sunny side up.  Sprinkle the raw egg with salt and pepper to your liking (and any other seasonings that inspire you). 

Place the pepper(s) directly on the grill, covering with the lid.  Depending on the temperature of your grill (ours is usually about 400 F), cook for 20 minutes or more.  Check the egg regularly, removing the pepper from the grill when desired egg doneness is reached. 

Serve as a side or the main entree!  I would like to have these with Eating Well's Corn & Basil Cakes sometime soon.


  1. I would eat my own hand if it had a melty egg on it. I am SO trying this recipe. Maybe even for breakfast on the weekend (before it's -20 out there). Thank you!