August 4, 2010

an inquiry

I saw this question today and it got me thinking pretty hard about what is really important -

What is the greatest thing that could happen to you (not to the world or anyone else, just you) in your lifetime?


  1. To find balance between my family and a vocation that speaks to me and excites every day, brings contentment, excitement and happiness to my soul, as well as enough money for my family to be comfortable (ie not worry about making ends meet, able to travel, able to save, able splurge when we'd like).

    Now I just have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

    Great question!

  2. Where do these things intersect:

    What are you the best at?
    What do you love to do so much that you would pay to do it?
    What does the world need? (what is there a demand for)

    Sometimes our natural abilities are so obvious they elude us... :)